Alexander is a multi-disciplinary artist born in Belarus, leaves a nomadic lifestyle. Currently based in Moscow & worked worldwide. Alexander specializes in creation & painting in the fields of fine art, illustration, murals, typography, branding, interior design, home decoration, furniture, lighting, sculpture...

He is a painter who creates works based on the emotional attachments he makes with features of the natural world. What begins as an unconscious attachment is fed by continuing curiosity, from which Alexander will uncover a shining message of the immensity, pureness, gratitude, harmony...
And so he is here to say this & create an image.

Available as a freelance artist open to commissions & collaborations so
please feel free to contact him anytime.


Art + Interior design project

I'm a creative expert, focused on combining great design ideas with the best mural experiences. The love to Arts and Designs, allowing me to integrate both disciplines into creative process. This ability enables me to pursue unique and beautiful results that will have a positive impact on your space, project.

Things may look great but that is not enough

Have been considered every single aspect of ergonomics involved in your project, from design to art project and fully responsive to human's expectation. I've seeing your space as a huge representation of your ambition and also as a tool that should work perfectly for your needs.


Do you need branded environments?

Beyond murals, HISGAIT offers brand extension by design: Hisgait provides a unique understanding of how space, design, illumination and furniture can help convey and enhance a brand, not only through the customization of our pieces, but also by translating your vision into “branded environments”.




Artworks have been created primarily for expression the energy surging through every form of beings. Through their eyes and bodies, trees, earth, and sea etc. all the world looks like a magic screen is glowing. And I’m very passionate to transmit it via my artworks, I hope so. For me such drawings it’s not just an interior dé cor it’s a communication tool. I would like to share to the audience what is Earth Beings are: magic and lovely, strange and unknown… I think it’s a Great mystery of Life.
By the way, impossible to draw a really soulful character without seeing it in a natural environment just using a photograph what is the core of difficulties as well as an inspiration.

Some of my artworks you can see at The Hisgait museum page